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6 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho is the Right Choice at Old Trafford

6 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho is the Right Choice at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

With Louis van Gaal sacked, Manchester United have been quick to put down any speculation and have confirmed the signing of Jose Mourinho as their new manager. Though boasting of one of the best CVs in the world, there is a lot of debate over whether the Portuguese is the right man for the job or not.

In this article let’s look at why Jose Mourinho is the right man for the job.

1. Winning Mentality

Louis van Gaal is a fantastic manager. He too, like Mourinho boasts of an impressive CV. But one thing that all United fans collectively hold against the Dutchman is his mentality. Stating multiple times that “fans are expecting too much” clearly indicates that Van Gaal didn’t have the winning mentality that a club of Manchester United’s stature.
And when talking about winning mentality, there are a few in the world more competitive than Jose Mourinho.

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His mentality is much needed for a club which is so used to winning, else the club might go down the same road as Liverpool or indeed Arsenal.

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