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Jose’s Downfall: Blues right to sack Mourinho?

Jose’s Downfall: Blues right to sack Mourinho?

Eight league titles in four different countries, two UEFA Champions League titles, a UEFA cup win and numerous domestic cup competitions along with uncountable individual honors, all in under 11 years of Football Management,  Jose Mourinho is aptly described as one of the best managers in the World of Football. In the 1990s, Mourinho worked as an ‘interpreter’ for Sir Bobby Robson at Sporting CP, FC Porto and then FC Barcelona to becoming a full time coach himself in the year 2000 at Benfica FC. However he first made an impact at the European stage during his 2 year tenure at FC Porto between 2002-2004, winning the league twice and the UEFA Champions League in 2004. This was followed by his first tenure as Chelsea’s Head coach which also proved to be quite successful, with Chelsea winning two back to back titles under him, until he was sacked after a three and a half years association with Chelsea.


Fast forward 6 years and two successful stints in Italy and Spain, Mourinho swallowed his pride and once again agreed to become Chelsea’s Head Coach. At the time, both the Chelsea Executives and Mourinho thought that it is in the best interest of the Club and their association would last for more than a decade, with Mourinho publicly stating that he came back to Chelsea to ‘build a dynasty’ and that he is ‘here to stay’. Failing to win the Title in his first year, Mourinho quickly identified the areas for improvement and brought in players like Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. It proved to be a highly beneficial move for Chelsea, as they comfortably won the title with 3 games to spare. Then came the 2015/16 season, and Chelsea were once again the favourites to win the title. Jose decided not to change a lot of the squad, and trust the same bunch of players he had at his disposal the previous season. Along came the pre season and Chelsea failed to win even a single game in normal play. This was just a sign of more terrible things to come.

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