Sebastian Vettel

Needless to say, the Scuderia Ferrari team have not enjoyed a good 2019 season so far. In Baku, a couple of weeks ago, it was just as bad, as Mercedes wiped the tarmac with them. Now, the F1 paddock have reached Spain, for this weekend’s Grand Prix. After Baku, Sebastian Vettel, compared his Ferrari to a Rubik’s cube.

He was possibly referring to the complexity of the car and his inability to extract the most out of it.

During the pre-race weekend press conference, Sebastian Vettel was on the panel, with Pierre Gasly, George Russell, Carlos Sainz Jr and Valtteri Bottas.

As the five were leaving, after the press conference concluded, the Journalist walked up and pressed a Rubik’s cube into Vettel’s hand. The German simply smile and graciously accepted the gift.