Juan Manuel Correa Continues Recovery as Signs Look Positive

September 28, 2019 9:38 pm

At the end of August, a monstrous crash claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert and put Juan Manuel Correa in the hospital. Since then, Correa’s family has never failed to provide updates on the American driver. Now, it seems that the latest updates have brought in a wave of good news.

As it turns out, Juan Manuel Correa was transferred to a new hospital in London that specialises in orthopaedic surgery. The focus has now shifted from his lungs to his lower body as the next stage of his recovery begins.

What makes it even better is that Correa is fully conscious, and his lungs have recovered rapidly. In fact, the doctors were impressed by his overall physical improvement and willpower. So, the new objective is to ensure that Juan Manuel Correa is in the best condition possible for his upcoming surgery.

Juan Manuel Correa

Sunday’s surgery will be vital in determining the Alfa Romeo junior driver’s future and his ability to get back behind the wheel. For the first time since the accident, doctors will have complete access to the wounds on his lower right leg.

The statement further said, “They will be able to determine the actual level of damage to his tibia, ankle, and foot. During surgery, they will save what can be saved and removed what needs to be removed in order to rebuild his right lower leg to the best possible condition. The surgeons are the top in their field and are cautiously optimistic given the fast-paced recovery that Juan Manuel has had in the previous week.”

“The injuries that Juan Manuel sustained are severe, and the surgery procedure is very complex. Doctors gave Juan Manuel the option of right foot reconstructive amputation. He has chosen NOT to have the amputation and to proceed with the surgery, understanding all the challenges involved.”

Dhruv George

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