Juan Martin Del Potro-‘My advice to the young players’

Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro has surged through the ATP singles rankings, and has had a very rewarding season so far, given his history of problems with his injuries.  “Well, it could be one of my best seasons of my career”, says Del Potro. “I won the first Masters 1000 in Indian Wells for the first time, then I got my highest ranking ever this season. I play another Grand Slam final after nine years. I’m still having chances to finish the year in the highest ranking ever.”  He also added, “It’s amazing year to me. I also want to keep going because I like to surprise myself. I’m exciting for that.”

Del Potro

Despite the setbacks in his career and life Del Potro kept ploughing through the difficult times and is the epitome of perseverance and determination. Del Potro revealed how he faced the storm and got the help he wanted from the people and the fans around him. “I think I had lucky because I found a good doctor who fixed my wrist after three surgeries”, says the Tandil native. “I also was really depressed during couple of months. I was at home with my family, with my friends, many other peoples who wants to keep watching me playing tennis. That was very important support for myself. I think because of them, I never give up during that time.”

Del Potro

Del Potro also drops some advice for the youngsters in the world who are facing difficult times, or injury related problems in their careers. The Argentine says never to give up and the rewards will present themselves. “Now I’m here living could be the best moments ever on my career”, says the US Open finalist. “They are so happy to watch me playing tennis again. I’m dealing with all my wrist problems, but in the end I’m playing tennis again, and that’s what I love.”

“My advice to the young players or the player who has injuries, try to keep trying. Every day is a new opportunity to try. You have to pray, you have to meet fate with goals every day. In the end of the way, you will find the solution”, said Del Potro.


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