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Jules Bianchi: Tributes from Across the Globe

Jules Bianchi: Tributes from Across the Globe

Formula 1

The news of Jules Bianchi’s death on July 18th after a nine month struggle following a crash with the recovery vehicle, in the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, left the entire world heartbroken. The 25-year-old Frenchman was a fine talent who could have gone on to do something incredible in the sport. He just went away too soon.

We at ES pray for his friends and family to give them strength to battle the tragic loss.

We bring you a compilation of various tributes for Jules Bianchi, including statements from his former team, Ferrari and Marussia.

In a very welcoming move, FIA has decided to retire car #17 that belonged to Jules Bianchi as a result of which the number 17 will never be used for a car competing in FIA World Championship. Adding to this, FIA has decided to hold a minute’s silence  before the Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Well done FIA. Much appreciated by the fans throughout the world.

Jules Bianchi

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