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Junior trainee attempts suicide at SAI training centre in Kerala

Junior trainee attempts suicide at SAI training centre in Kerala

A Junior trainee athlete attempted suicide at Lakshmibai National College of Physical education in Thiruvananthapuram which is managed by the Sports authority of INDIA(SAI). The athlete, identified as Nithin U, a National medalist in 100m & 200m sprint running was found in a pool of blood in his room by his friend early in the morning. He was immediately admitted to the state run medical college from where he slipped away.

The 18 Year old athlete tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrist with a piece of glass, he alleged his seniors of harassment before taking this extreme step. Doctors, after putting 3 stitches referred him to the Psychiatry wing, but after being reported out of danger he left without taking medical advice from the psychiatry department.

A senior official of SAI along with two other persons are deputed to probe this incident.


SAI officials on the condition of anonymity said-“Nithin used to buy merchandise over the internet & forcefully sell it to his juniors at double the prize. He was caught by his seniors on Tuesday & firmly told that the matter would be brought to the notice of SAI Authorities if he continued to bully newcomers. This is all we have come to know from the initial probe.”

SAI was earlier rocked by the suicide attempt of four of its women athletes who alleged harassment by senior officials. All of them consumed a poisonous fruit last month at SAI centre in Alappuzha, While one athlete died next day, three of them were saved by the doctors. SAI appointed a 1 member committee to investigate the matter & held  counselling sessions for athletes to help them recover from the shock & trauma of this incident

After today’s incident, SAI needs to come forward & address this issue seriously and take all the necessary measures so that no such incident takes place in future.


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