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BREAKING: Jurgen Klopp wants to manage Liverpool

BREAKING: Jurgen Klopp wants to manage Liverpool

Fresh news has erupted that former Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp wants to be the next Liverpool manager and is ready to sacrifice his 6-month sabbatical to lead the title charge at Anfield.

This news came in after Klopp recently told his close friends that he’s attracted to the Liverpool job and would consider it seriously, if offered to him. The news came just after German source Bild tweeted that Klopp is Liverpool bound after initially saying he wanted to take a six-month break.

Brendan Rodgers faces an uncertain future at Anfield and will have to face an annual end of season review with owners FSG this week. The outcome of this review is likely to go either way. The club have backed the Northern Irishman but should they choose to make a change, Bild reckons Klopp is open to the move.

Klopp has a lot of respect for Liverpool. In the last pre-season match, he talked about the top class atmosphere at the stadium and the pride faced by any player on Anfield soil.


Another advantage in Klopp’s favour is that he speaks English to a very high standard, and has long fancied a move to the Premier League. The shadow of Klopp will loom large over Rodgers’ season end review. The German fits the template of coaches that FSG prefer, in that he can deliver on limited resources effectively.

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