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Justin Gaethje is Done With UFC Politics :-“I Refuse to Fight Poirier and Let Conor Jump Over Me”

Justin Gaethje is Done With UFC Politics :-“I Refuse to Fight Poirier and Let Conor Jump Over Me”

The UFC lightweight division is arguably the toughest division at the moment. While the unbeaten champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov has been dominating everyone in his title reign, we have a few huge contenders in the division. It’s safe to say that Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje are on the top of that list for a title shot against Nurmagomedov. Not only that, Conor McGregor is also looking for a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov to avenge his loss. Although the next opponent for the champion has not been announced yet, Justin Gaethje is certainly looking to fight the champion soon.

As per the champion himself, Tony Ferguson is the next guy who deserves the title shot and rightfully so. Ferguson has been on a winning streak for years now and he was the interim champion. However, he has been inconsistent due to injuries and Justin Gaethje believes that he will fight Khabib Nurmagomedov if Tony Ferguson goes away. In a recent interview with ESPN, Justin Gaethje said:

“Three knockouts in a row. Tony fights once every year. he is very inconsistent. So it’s a very good chance that he goes away somehow. I am there every time. I have never turned down a fight, I have never pulled out of a fight in my life. Not saying I won’t cause injuries do happen, but I am consistent and I have earned my shot.”

Justin Gaethje is also not interested to fight Dustin Poirier who lost his last fight to Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, Gaethje has been calling out Conor McGregor for a meaningful period now. McGregor has not responded to Gaethje, but he did reveal that a fight between him and Justin Gaethje was being discussed until he broke his hand during training. 

Justin Gaethje

Justin Gaethje believes that Conor McGregor is a coward for calling out Frankie Edgar who is currently looking to drop down to bantamweight after the loss to Max Holloway. Gaethje put McGregor on blasts when he said:

“Conor keeps saying he wants to fight. But I don’t think that’s true. And if he does fight he is calling out the likes of Frankie Edgar who is 30-40 pounds lighter than us. And that’s a coward move. The man is a coward deep down. I know that he knows that some of us know that. And if I fight him I get to show the whole world that. And that’s what he does not want. I won’t choke him out, I won’t tap him out, I would f***ing make him stand back up.”

Justin Gaethje

“I refuse to fight Poirier and let Conor fight anybody and jump over me. If I am gonna fight Poirier you are gonna guarantee me that I am gonna fight the winner of Tony and Khabib. Then I will fight him or anybody I need to with that promise. I have three knock outs in a row. So you are not gonna stick it up my a** this time” said Gaethje.

Justin Gaethje does have a strong argument when he says he should fight for the title. After all, he has won his last three fights via one round knock out and has been looking very impressive. However, at the moment it seems the Tony Ferguson fight is the choice that makes more sense than any other fight.

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