Justin Gaethje Not Happy With Conor McGregor-“I Want To F*** Him Up”

September 15, 2019 2:28 pm

Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor had a good back and forth on social media after UFC 242 when Conor McGregor called out Khabib Nurmagomedov for a rematch. While Conor has been inactive since his last loss against Khabib Nurmagomedov, Justin Gaethje has three consecutive first-round knock out wins under his belt at the moment.

Justin Gaethje knocked Donald Cerrone out in the first round and earned himself a future shot at the lightweight title. However, Khabib Nurmagomedov is likely to fight Tony Ferguson next. So that leaves Justin Gaethje without any opponent for a meaningful period. And in that case, a fight with McGregor makes a lot of sense for both the fighters.

When asked about whether he would like to fight the Irish or the Russian by Daniel Cormier, Justin Gaethje replied:
“The Irishman is retired. I want to fight a real fight. I want the winner of Khabib vs Tony”

It’s safe to say that Justin Gaethje would rather fight Nurmagomedov or Ferguson for the title than fight Conor McGregor. However, he is open to fighting McGregor if Conor wants to fight.
Conor has been calling fighters out now and then, but he doesn’t accept the fight when someone else calls him out. Te fans and the fighters are done with his gimmicks.

Talking about a potential Conor fight, Gaethje said:
“if he is gonna fight, I definitely wanna fight him. He punched an old man in the face, I wanna fuck him for that.”

Even before his fight with Cerrone, Gaethje has shown his frustration towards Conor’s attitude outside the octagon. He even sai that Conor’s activities would have a bad impression on the next generation and even his kids. So it’s safe to assume that Gaethje doesn’t like McGregor at all. Well, now he wants to punish McGregor for that.

Gaethje and McGregor were supposed to fight in the summer according to McGregor himself. On his last ESPN interview, McGregor said that he had agreed to fight Gaethje until he broke his left hand during training.

Now that Gaethje has three dominant wins over three top-ranked opponents, a fight between Conor McGregor and Justin Gaethje makes the most sense.

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