Kane Williamson Still Has Nightmares of World Cup Defeat

September 11, 2019 5:15 pm

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has said that the players still talk about their dramatic loss to England in the ICC World Cup 2019. Even though they were level on the scoreboard, England won on the back of the more number of boundaries scored in the match. Williamson admitted that he was ‘fortunate’ to be a part of that game.

“It’s one of those things that every day, often, you’re having small conversations about it. Guys are still thinking about it, trying to make sense of it,” Kane Williamson told ICC Cricket 360. “That’s credit to the match we were involved in, but also the result and how it all ended up … One of those things that guys will be talking about for a long time.”

“It’s one of those games which, no doubt, you’ll look back on and really have appreciated being involved in it,” he said. “Then you throw in a bit of context – the World Cup final – and it maybe makes it all that more special.”

New Zealand had a good campaign in the group stage but only got selected to the semi-final on the back of a better net run-rate than Pakistan had.

Kane Williamson

“It was really nice coming back home and seeing the reaction it had, and the following it had,” said Williamson. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive in terms of the response and how people enjoyed that match, which is a great thing.”

Williamson is one of those captains who led the team from the front. He had a great campaign in the World Cup and gave the credit to the unity that the side has. He shared that helped pulled them through thick and thin in the game. He even praised the team for quickly adjusting to the situation and delivered their best.

He admitted that the team had a lot of fun and was proud of the way they stuck together as a side. Kane Williamson praised the side for staying true to their style of cricket. According to him, they all kept each other grounded and harked on being true to themselves.​

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