Karen Khachanov Picks Match With Rafael Nadal As His Best Match

May 22, 2020 2:59 pm

Russian star Karen Khachanov has played a lot of matches so far. Many might ask the question – which of these matches does he consider the best. Luckily for them, Karen has just answered this question and surprisingly he picked a match he lost. Check it out.

Karen Khachanov Picks His Best Match

As you can see, Karen Khachanov picked the 2018 US Open match against Rafael Nadal. Since Rafa won their last few meetings fairly easily, many expected the match to go the same way but it didn’t. The Russian played amazing tennis and gave the Spaniard a tough challenge.

The match lasted 4 hours and 17 minutes with Rafa winning in 4 sets. Each set was very close and could have gone either way but sadly it did not go the Russian’s way. Nevertheless, he played some of his best tennis and made that match one of the tournament’s best.

Karen continued to play such good tennis after the US Open and in the process, he earned his first-ever Masters 1000 title at the Paris Masters. In the final, he beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets which is amazing. Clearly, 2018 was an amazing year for Karen.

Unfortunately, after 2018, we have not seen the Russian do very well. He did make it into the top 10 in 2019 but he fell out towards the end of the season. He definitely will want to get back and win some more big titles which is something he is probably training for right now.

Unfortunately for him, he will have to wait a while before he can do that as the ATP Tour has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is scheduled to return in August assuming the virus is contained by then.

With many countries working to develop a vaccine, the virus should be contained. And hopefully, we will see Karen Khachanov play the tennis he did in 2018 and possibly win a Grand Slam title.

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