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Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins get into a Beef on Twitter

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins get into a Beef on Twitter

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant got into a duel on Twitter with his former teammate at Oklahoma City Thunder, Kendrick Perkins.

It started with Perkins choosing Russell Westbrook as the best player to have played in an Oklahoma City jersey. Among many others who disagreed to it was Perkins’ fellow media member Marc D’Amico, who highlighted Westbrook’s playoff record in the absence of Kevin Durant.

Perkins, however, stuck to his initial opinion and that is when Durant criticised Perkins as a Thunder player. When Perkins joined Oklahoma, he was already far from his peak. His time at Oklahoma, hence, was not very fruitful.



In reply, Perkins had said Durant had come up with the “weakest move in NBA history.” Perkins later called Durant a coward for joining an already strong team and Durant replied with a yawning sloth.

Durant had joined the Golden State Warriors after leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, and is often criticised for it. But it does not make him a bad player at Oklahoma and he has proved his worth during his time there.

The conversation seemed to have ended there and it remains to be seen what effect will it have on the duo outside of social media. Kevin Durant joined Brooklyn Nets in the pre-season but is yet to play a game for them.

Durant ruptured his Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors and is not expected to return this season.

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