Kevin Magnussen
Source: Espn

Temperamental, fiery and quick- there’s hardly anything else that describes arguably one of the best young drivers on the grid better than this, no? Kevin Magnussen drives with a lot of passion. And then, on an off day at the office, he also expresses his disconsolation unabashedly.

Back in the day, Kevin Magnussen had once exchanged diatribes with Nico Hulkenberg. But today, it seems, the Haas driver is all focus and no-nonsense. Yet, the experience at Canada, it could be said, was such that it would’ve broken the spirit of anyone, not in the least Kevin Magnussen.

For someone who’s scored the bulwark of Haas’ 16 points in the current season, Kevin Magnussen endured arguably his worst ever Grand Prix.

To that end, it was hardly surprising that the noted Danish driver took out his frustration (rather, make that helplessness) over the team radio in an epic rant that went on something like this:

“This is the worst experience I have ever had, in any race car, ever.”

Having consistently been among the points for the better part of the six races held this season, until his arrival at Montreal, Kevin Magnussen couldn’t believe his luck when he had to start the 70-lap contest from the pit-lane. This was owing to the fact that the Haas car had to be nearly rebuilt, having gone overnight into a stage of reconstruction.

With his frustration being paramount, the Danish driver falling as back as being two laps behind the race leader in the end, the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix wasn’t his best experience.

In fact, so bitter became Kevin Magnussen’s mood toward the end of the Canadian GP- a race that lacked no drama given the Vettel-fiasco- that his team boss Gunther Steiner had to step in to ask his driver to stop complaining.

Thereupon, Kevin Magnussen was quick to offer an apology for the vitriol he had to offer. He would say the following:

“Guys, I’m sorry, I know you’re just as frustrated as I am, sorry,” he said. “And the guys in the garage, big apologies, you have done great, as always.”

That said, with 14 more races to go, the next halt slated to at France, can one expect the talented Dane to bounce back?