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Key Indian players to watch out this ISL

Key Indian players to watch out this ISL



mehtab hossain

Though the side doesn’t have enough high profile signings, the team owned by Sachin Tendulkar has a good bunch of Indian players. With Trevor Morgan as the coach of the team it was expected that the selection of Indian players done by him during the drafting would be perfect and he didn’t disappoint. Among these, the key Indian player to watch out for is none other than Mehtab Hossain. The 28 year old loanee from East Bengal has been one of the best midfielders currently in the national team. Mehtab has been unsurprisingly the first pick of Morgan as he has played a lot of matches under him at East Bengal. He is known for his aggressiveness and consistency in his play and is considered as the livewire for the East Bengal midfield. The midfielder has been in the national team since 2005 and hence is not short of any experience. He has scored 7 goals in 88 matches for East Bengal and 2 goals in 28 matches for Indian national team. Being a diehard Zidane fan, he has named his son Zidane!

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