Key Takeaways From UFC 246 Press Conference With Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone came face to face against each other for the very first time since the fight was announced during the press conference for UFC 246. It was not a typical Conor McGregor press conference. There was no trash-talking and Conor was calm and respectful to Cowboy throughout the interview. Here are the biggest takeaways from the press conference for UFC 246.

No Bad Blood, But There Will be Blood Spiled

Conor is notorious for mental warfare and trash-talking during the press conferences. However, Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone showed mutual respect at the press conference. He made it clear that there is no bad blood between him and Cowboy, but there will be a war on January 18th. Conor stated:

“It’s hard not to respect Donald. He has my respect. Although there will be blood spilled, it will not be bad blood. And for the Mystic Mac prediction, it will be a KO.”

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Conor McGregor is Leaning Towards Jorge Masvidal Fight

Though Conor values the undisputed UFC welterweight title more than the BMF title he does not find the wrestling heavy style of Kamaru Usman. And from the stylistic point of view, he thinks Jorge Masvidal will be a more intriguing matchup.

“I would say probably the more exciting bout would be myself vs Jorge for a stylistic standpoint. Usman kind of has a similar style of Khabib, you know the “Sniff the Jockstrap” style. So I am interested in both. We will see what happens”

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Donald Cerrone Is Not Going With a Gameplan to Wrestle Conor

Although Donald Cerrone is a better fighter on the ground than Conor is, he is not looking to wrestle Conor out at UFC 246. He believes that Conor’s ground game and takedown defense skills are underrated. That apart, Cowboy would rather trade strikes with Conor. Cowboy explained:

“You have to be f***ng stupid to think this man [McGregor] doesn’t have a wrestling defense or some kind of grappling defense, so for me to just walk in and be like ‘oh I’m just gonna take him down and submit him,’ get a fu***n’ real-life man,” explained Cowboy.

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Conor McGregor on Floyd Mayweather Rematch and Boxing Career

Conor is also aiming for the rematch against Floyd Mayweather. He believes he would get the victory in the rematch and he also aspires for a boxing title down the line. McGregor reveals that there were talks about the fight with Manny Pacquiao.

“I would love that Floyd rematch. I thought I had done very well. I thought with some slight adjustment I would have done even better. So I feel now I could take that victory. An aspiration of mine now is to win a boxing world title. It’s something I will achieve.”

Donald Cerrone Seems Interested in the BMF title fight

Cowboy has already fought Jorge Masvidal and lost that fight. However, with a win over Conor, Cowboy will be a huge superstar in the game. And the BMF title fight against Masvidal won’t be a bad idea for Cerrone.

Conor McGregor Aims to fight at UFC 248 or UFC 249 Next

Conor believes that history will repeat itself and the fight between Khabib Nurmagoemdov and Tony Ferguson will fall apart again. McGregor also stated that he is open to fighting on UFC 248 card if he stays healthy after the fight against Donald Cerrone.

“Look at history. They were scheduled to fight four times. There have been multiple pull-outs from both sides. They are known for not making that walk.

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