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Wondering What’s Keeping Kimi Raikkonen Happy At Alfa Romeo Since Leaving Ferrari?

Wondering What’s Keeping Kimi Raikkonen Happy At Alfa Romeo Since Leaving Ferrari?

Kimi Raikkonen

Former Ferrari world champion and current Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen isn’t a man you’d imagine in the form of a smiley. Well, you can for it’s a free world. But in all likelihood, if you know who Kimi Raikkonen really is, then the smiley you’d choose for him won’t be the happiest one, with the broad toothed smile. For sure, there’ll be a range of many Kimi-matching options to pick from, especially from instant messaging apps, such as a vodka bottle, champagne, snowman, glasses, and obviously, the red-colored Ferrari.

But slipping away from fictional life into the factual one, a question must be asked. Do you know what makes Kimi Raikkonen tick at Alfa Romeo? To that end, what is it that Kimi Raikkonen is doing at Alfa Romeo- hell, have you followed the performance of Antonio Giovinazzi thus far- that made him share a bit about his post-Ferrari journey?

What’s rather impressive about Kimi Raikkonen in 2019 is that despite having changed his racing gears, going from the powerful red, as seen in 2018 to the whites (and a bit of a red, hey, Alfa Romeo are powered by Ferrari after all) in 2019, he’s been consistent as ever.

In the five Grands Prix held thus far, he’s scored in four and on the trot. This is when he doesn’t have the fastest car on the grid, and is, also the oldest on the track. So in midst of his interesting F1 journey which is nearly in its seventeenth season, let’s understand what’s keeping the laconic and often, unexpressive Kimi Raikkonen ‘happy’.

Kimi Raikkonen, who’s ninth on the driver ratings so far and the scorer of all the points that Alfa Romeo have managed thus far (13) shared the following:

I think the driving is more or less the same,” he said.

“Of course if you’re driving and there’s more racing involved it’s probably more fun, but that depends on a lot of things, from race to race.

“Generally, outside the car I have obviously more free time and for sure I enjoy that more.

“And the atmosphere is very nice, so I’m very happy. Obviously, you want to do better, but yes, I’m happy.”

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