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A Not So Excited Kimi Raikkonen Wants Celebrations For His 300th GP Cancelled

A Not So Excited Kimi Raikkonen Wants Celebrations For His 300th GP Cancelled

Kimi Raikkonen

He was on pole here in 2017. Contesting amid huge fanfare, he would begin promisingly ahead of his teammate but would go on to finish second, behind Sebastian Vettel.

It wasn’t a happy day for the Kimster.

It certainly wasn’t the most sparkling day for the Prancing Horse either, despite both Ferrari drivers finishing on the podium in a strong 1-2 finish.

Two years hence, Kimi Raikkonen returns to the scene of the much-debated 2017 Grand Prix at Monte Carlo. With race-day nearly upon us, it can be said, the 2007 World Champion is back to a place he hasn’t quite liked.

Life, it seems, isn’t all wide-eyed smiles for F1’s Iceman Kimi Raikkonen.

But guess what, Kimi Raikkonen, a man of few words, did really have a chance to celebrate the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix for a very special reason. Just that he hasn’t cared about it a bit whatsoever, in an utterly Kimi way.

The 2019 Monaco Grand Prix marks the 300th race for the famous Alfa Romeo driver. Kimi Raikkonen, who was previously with Ferrari, a team with which he won his maiden and only F1 title thus far has raced here at quite a few occasions.

But it was back in 2007, where Kimi Raikkonen broke a record that even Michael Schumacher- a winner of 7 world titles- wasn’t quite able to. That is winning a world championship with Ferrari in the very first year.

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To that end, it’s quite understandable as to why Kimi Raikkonen- not the most talkative man on the grid around- doesn’t feel too “excited” about the impending race.

Kimi confessed that he isn’t really looking forward to any special celebrations to mark his 300th Grand Prix. So that leaves us with the simple question as to why:

What is it that made Kimi Raikkonen go to the extent of cancelling the celebrations for his 300th GP? He was quoted as saying the following:

To be sure without that I wouldn’t be here today. Somehow maybe that made it not feel as long having a bit more of a normal time [in F1]. I think afterwards, whenever I stop and look back, then maybe it makes a bit more sense and feels different.”

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