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Kimi Raikkonen Files Complaint Against Canadian Woman Alleging Harassment

Kimi Raikkonen Files Complaint Against Canadian Woman Alleging Harassment

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen is no doubt one of the finest drivers on the grid. Not only that, he’s a fan favorite who derives tons of support wherever he goes. His quirky persona, one word replies and the fact that he’s the last Ferrari champion ensures he gets all the attention and love from all over the world.

But as is always the case with fan favorite celebrities, Kimi Raikkonen also receives the negative side of it. It has come to light that in 2016, a Montreal based waitress had filed a complaint of sexual harassment in a bar. The allegations came forward when the blog of the waitress came into light, with no explicit mention of Raikkonen anywhere.

She accuses him of grabbing her breasts while the members of the group that came with Raikkonen did other vulgar things to her, while she was serving them in a bar in Montreal in 2016.

Now in return, Kimi Raikkonen has filed a police complaint alleging extortion and harassment by the woman with the Montreal woman. It has come into light that the damages seeked by Raikkonen’s law firm are substantial. Raikkonen, naturally, denies any such allegations and claims not knowing the woman.

Kimi Raikkonen will be competing in the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal next. He’s had a decent start to the season with three podiums this season. He looks to be leaving Ferrari this season, with rumors also pointing towards a potential WRC return (something he blatantly rejected). Ferrari on the other hand have been accused of siding tremendously with Sebastian Vettel, sabotaging Raikkonen’s race in order give Vettel an advantage. Daniel Ricciardo, who goes out of contract next season, is linked as a potential replacement of Kimi Raikkonen. Ricciardo has 2 wins this season, as much as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and stands third in the championship.

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