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Kimi Raikkonen Debuts Stunning Alfa Romeo C39 on Track

Kimi Raikkonen Debuts Stunning Alfa Romeo C39 on Track

Alfa Romeo

The 2020 car reveals are coming in thick and fast, with Alfa Romeo being the latest team. This year, the Swiss-Italian team unveiled yet another striking black and red livery, resembling a snake’s skin. The C39 was sent out on track at Fiorano for a shakedown to check the all systems are running smoothly.

Of course, being Valentine’s Day, the Alfa Romeo logo was shaped like a heart. In addition to that, 2007 world champion and F1 veteran, Kimi Raikkonen, got first dibs on putting the car through its paces.



When will the actual Alfa Romeo be launched?

Admittedly, this is only a shakedown, and the stunning snakeskin livery will only remain just for this session. The final look will most likely be much different from now, but no less gorgeous.

The race livery will make its official debut at the Circuit de Catalunya when testing kicks off. Apparently, the snakeskin pattern drew inspiration from Alfa Romeo’s logo. This features a giant serpent eating a red man, and it is based on the symbol of the influential Visconti family of 11th century Milan.

Judging by the images on social media, it is clear the 2020 car is a better-developed version of last year’s C38. Going further into the analysis, the Swiss-Italian team had an extreme take on its inboard-loaded front wing design and similar sidepod designs.

Also, like Haas, Alfa Romeo chose to modify its airbox design. The idea was to mimic the triangular roll hoop that Ferrari used last season. Suffice to say, Scuderia Ferrari has continued implementing this roll hoop this year as well.

Speaking of last year, Alfa Romeo pulled the same stunt with a special test livery before reverting to the familiar red and white. In addition to that, this is the second time Kimi Raikkonen has driven the new car first for its shakedown session.

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