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Kimi Raikkonen Gives Lewis Hamilton the Finger After Getting Blocked

Kimi Raikkonen Gives Lewis Hamilton the Finger After Getting Blocked

During the qualifying session of the Austrian GP, an incident occurred during Q1. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen got a little two close to each other. In Hamilton’s defence, he moved to the inside to try and get out of Raikkonen’s way.

Unfortunately, he reached the corner first and went wide while, Kimi Raikkonen was forced to abandon his lap. Needless to say, the irate Finn flipped the middle finger at Hamilton, making his feelings very clear.

The good news was that both drivers were able to go all the way into Q3 and the block made little difference.


Now, in light of the close call, the FIA have decided to investigate the incident for blocking Raikkonen. However, the incident would be investigated after the session by the stewards.

This rubbed people off the wrong way because there are four stewards presiding over the race weekend. On one hand, they believe that one steward could have taken the decision easily. However, on the flip side of the coin, a wrong decision taken by one steward could generate flak and there would be accusations of bias.

In the end, Lewis Hamilton finished the qualifying session in 2nd, while Kimi Raikkonen was 7th. In the process, Kimi Raikkonen outqualified his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi. Meanwhile, Charles LeClerc grabbed pole, with Max Verstappen in 3rd behind Hamilton

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