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Kimi Räikkönen : “I Might Win Next Weekend!”

Kimi Räikkönen : “I Might Win Next Weekend!”


Kimi Räikkönen, held onto his position in the lead as he was crowned at the US Grand Prix champion. Kimi Räikkönen had not won a race since 2013, and now he says he has proved something to himself and the Formula 1 world. In his post-match Press conference, he was asked if he felt he could win another race anytime soon. Kimi Räikkönen replied that he might be getting old now but he thinks he has enough gas in his tank to last another couple of years, as he joked that he might win his next race a week later.

“It might be next weekend already! I don’t know”,said Kimi. “I’m happy with how it went. I’m happy for the team. Obviously we had a pretty rough two races and I’m proving people certain things.”Kimi Räikkönen

“I might be getting older but it’s not too bad still. Maybe I’m OK to be a few years more”, he continued. “I enjoy it, so we are here to try to win. I always try to do it, but obviously it’s not easy, otherwise anybody could do it. So, I think this weekend we have been pretty solid in many ways. I just had a good feeling with the car. We’ll see what happens in the next race, but so far it’s been OK. I don’t complain a lot. We’ll have for sure some fun tonight and we go next week to the next one.”Kimi Räikkönen

He was also asked if this victory feels any more special than the one five years ago, as now he has a family to share it with. “Yeah. I have a lovely wife and kids and I’m sure they’re happy. I’m not sure if the kids-they probably fall asleep during the race but the wife probably looked at it”, said Räikkönen. “I’m more than happy for all of us. It’s nice. Yeah I don’t know. It’s nice to win again , but like I said, it doesn’t change my life or they don’t look at me differently. My son asked the previous race that he wants a new Pirelli – the same tyre from the qualifying – because he wants to play with it. Again, I’m sure they’re happy and I’m happy to help them, more than happy. We’ll have a nice talk when we get home”, he added.

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