Kimi Raikkonen Has a Plan to Stop ‘Stupidity’ in F1

Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen

Being one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, you definitely make few mistakes compared to the newbies. But many at times you’re caught in someone else’s mess which ruins your entire race. Kimi Raikkonen, who recently turned 39, is one such driver who very rarely makes mistakes, having been in Formula One for far too long. But he is a no-nonsense guy and certainly doesn’t appreciate being taken out because of someone else’s misjudgement.

Amid all the criticism for penalty points and harsh reviews, Raikkonen spoke about increasing the penalties, in order to stop the ‘stupidity’ in F1 drivers.

“It is so random, that you cannot really say it’s very strong,” Raikkonen told Autosport.

“If they would be very strong on the right things, then they wouldn’t need to do a lot of other stuff.

“If you are strong enough to stop certain stupidity that is happening, I think we wouldn’t have to have these small penalties here and there, for no big reason.

“Sometimes you have a good reason, sometimes not – but it is so random.

“If you would be really strict in the main points, then the whole thing would change. Then nobody would start doing stupidity.”

Raikkonen also spoke of how time penalties seem harsh at times, but are justified in most of the cases.

“That is the issue, that it looks like it’s very harsh or very hard, but it is actually not hard enough in the right place,” he Raikkonen.

“Then the rest would sort itself out.

“I think it just looks a bit silly, because you get [penalties] for this or that and then last race somebody does [same] and it’s completely the opposite thing.

“If it’s been done a proper way and hard enough on the right thing, where everything starts, then I am sure it would look a lot better [and] it would work out better.”

The randomness is certainly something that needs to be corrected by the stewards, especially considering that it invokes a lot of controversy. FIA has been labelled as siding with Ferrari and Mercedes for far too long and it needs to set out a precedent in order to ensure things don’t remain the way they are right now.


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