Kimi Raikkonen

A number of sports persons normally have pre-event rituals and idiosyncrasies to take care of. Formula One drivers are no different and Kimi Raikkonen has a unique ritual of his own.

It seems that the Finnish veteran fixes his own racing seat before getting it installed in the car. When speaking to Motorsport-Magazin, he said, “That’s normal for me. I’ve been doing this since years.”

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I didnt go to school for nothing.

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Furthermore, he went on to explain, “When you get a new seat, it always feels good when you’re sitting in it but when you do 100s of laps, you always find something that presses into your ribs or so. That’s normal. And I think it’s easier if I do it myself because I know exactly where it’s not quite right.”

However, Kimi Raikkonen is not the only driver who does it, every driver has done it to some extent. Former World Champion, Nico Rosberg has talked about working on  the seat before. What he often did was glue all the padding in his seat.

The simple reason is that he is the best judge to know what is comfortable for him. All the drivers modify their respective seats over the course of the season. However, it is unclear on the number of drivers who do it all by hand and how many of them direct their engineers to do it.