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Kimi Raikkonen: It Is Unfair To Judge Giovinazzi After F1 Misfortune

Kimi Raikkonen: It Is Unfair To Judge Giovinazzi After F1 Misfortune

Kimi Raikkonen

Alfa Romeo are perhaps the best team there is at this point among the midfielders on the grid. Thanks to consistent points finish in all three races held so far, starting with Australia, Bahrain, and China, the Hinwill-based outfit look all set to continue the scoring momentum with the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix just hours away from the start. But while Kimi Raikkonen can be credited for most of the points scored by the Vasseur-led side, one man’s not having a great season.

The name is Antonio Giovinazzi. The young Italian driver, Kimi Raikkonen‘s junior teammate hasn’t had the perfect start to a season that’s barely 3 Grands Prix old. So what happens now?

Well, as seen at the recent events, Giovinazzi has failed to collect a point. And Kimi Raikkonen, a driver with an experience of 16 seasons has noted the Italian’s performance. In fact, Kimi Raikkonen has even said a thing or two in defense of his teammate, who, right from the start at the season-opener at Albert Park (for the 2019 season) has endured some problem or the other.

So the question is, what has Kimi Raikkonen shared in reference to Antonio Giovinazzi’s tough season, as there are 18 races ahead of us?

“I think it’s obviously not all been to him. He’s unfortunately had a lot of issues on the car, “shared the former Ferrari World Champion of 2007. But interestingly, ‘The Iceman‘ Kimi Raikkonen didn’t just stop there. He’d go on to add the following:

“It’s racing and we obviously try to fix things. And obviously, he (Antonio) has very little experience. So any mileage you can do, it’s going to help him a huge amount,” Kimi stated being honest as ever.

But the above told, perhaps what stands out in Raikkonen’s admission about his teammate is the candidness and compassion he’s extended in a sport where one’s fundamentally racing not only against drivers of the other team but also against one’s own teammate. That said, what can Giovinazzi do at the 2019 Azerbaijan GP?


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