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Kimi Raikkonen Throws his Support Behind Condensed Race Weekends

Kimi Raikkonen Throws his Support Behind Condensed Race Weekends

For the 2021 Formula One season, the FIA will be introducing a condensed race weekend. This has been done in order to accommodate an extra race that year, with the hope of adding more races. Up until now, there have been 21 races, pushing 22 though. However, Formula One owners Liberty Media are aiming to reach a limit of 25. Ahead of the final race of the season, Kimi Raikkonen was asked about his thoughts, during the press conference.

Interestingly, the veteran Finn supported the idea and admitted that it cuts out any unnecessary elements. It is worth noting that Kimi Raikkonen is not a huge fan of media appearances and press conferences.

He said, “It should happen next year, already. I mean today is an absolutely useless day. Honestly, we’re going to talk the same things, half of the things we talk at least on Sunday after the last race and tomorrow again. I think it will be a good step because people don’t need to be away that many days and there’s no cost and hotels that much and all things will be better for the team… so stop wasting time.”

So, for 2021 onwards, media briefings and scrutineering will take place on Friday morning with FP1 and FP2 pushed back to later in the day. In addition to that, Pierre Gasly agreed with Kimi Raikkonen. The Frenchman admitted that many would be happy as it will mean more days at home with family.

This is especially true for mechanics, engineers and the other team personnel, who often have difficulty working in such a stressful environment.

However the FIA’s announcement also came with news that the powers-that-be had agreed that the calendar could be increased to as many as 25 races.

To that end, McLaren’s Carlos Sainz added: “It still involves too much travelling, effort for mechanics.”

“But I think this is a way of preparing for a bigger calendar, which is something I totally against. Twenty-one or 22 races already feels too much.

“So, that last extra day that we take off, that will fully compensate those 22 or 25 races that we want to have in the future.”

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