Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen had a miserable day in the office as did his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi. Neither driver were able to finish in the points and have been going backwards since the summer break.

Raikkonen finished the Japanese Grand Prix in 14th, with Giovinazzi two places behind. At the rate at which they were going, they were the slowest team, just ahead of the already down-in-the-dumps Williams.

So, Kimi Raikkonen could be forgiven for not wanting to talk to the media immediately after the race. When he was asked to describe his race in a single word, all he could say was, “Shit.”

Then the Finn was asked why Alfa Romeo’s season has begun unravelling after the summer break. Clearly starting to lose patience, he curtly replied that if they knew why, their season would not be difficult.

The final straw came when the 39-year old was reminded of his birthday, on the 17th of October. With a straight face, he simply flashed a thumbs up and walked away.

Recently, he spoke about F1 and Pirelli’s inability to run in the wet conditions. The Alfa Romeo driver revealed that changes in the tyres meant that cars could no longer run when the tracks were very wet.

He admitted, “Obviously we know how limited we are with the tyres, unfortunately. It doesn’t need much rain then we have aquaplaning, that’s the issue, then obviously you have zero control.”

“[In] the early days when I started it could rain really heavy and we never had an issue,” he said. “So for sure the tyres are not best when there’s standing water but that’s how it is unfortunately.

“It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of water, it looks really ridiculous sometimes that we cannot run. But that’s just how it is.”

“When there’s a river you lose absolutely control of the cars,” Raikkonen added. “We’ll see, if it rains like it supposed to rain I think it’s a very clear no-go. We’ll see what we can.”