Rafael Nadal’s recent act of kindness during a tennis match, has earned him praise and appreciation from fans all around the world.

The tennis star briefly halted a match in which he was playing in order to allow a distressed mother find her lost child in Mallorca, Spain. The Spaniard was playing in a doubles match against American John McEnroe to mark the opening of his tennis academy in Majorca when he heard a mother cry out from the crowd. He was about to serve, but stopped to let the search for the child take place. Cameras were rolling during Nadal’s act of kindness and the crowd warmly applauded when the family was united again.

Such gestures by top players certainly puts tennis in it’s right perspective and reaffirms the fact that sports is not just about winning or losing. Let us now look at some famous gestures of kindness by other tennis stars.

1.Roger Federer

Along with his long list of hardware, many sports analysts consider him the best of all time. Federer is also known for doing an admirable amount of charity work including putting up his racket for an auction to help the Hurricane Katrina survivors and opening up his own charity fund called the Roger Federer Foundation to help disadvantaged people and promote sports. In 2006, he was also appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. He is known for being extremely down to earth and has numerous fan stories of people who have had their lives changed due to his devotion and commitment to show up and do random acts of kindness. Including a very touching story with make a wish foundation .

17-year-old Beatriz Tinoco had battled cancer in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, she got the chance to meet Federer through Make-A-Wish Foundation. Roger flew her entire family to Wimbledon. He gave her a personal tour of the facilities and also played a game of tennis with her.

Beatriz meets Roger Federer
Beatriz meets Roger Federer

2. Novak Djokovic

During a rain delay in his first-round match at the 2014 French Open, Novak Djokovic invited his ball boy to sit with him under his umbrella as they waited for the storm to pass. The delay lasted ten minutes, during which Djokovic swapped his racquet for the ball boy’s umbrella and offered him a drink , much to the amusement of the rain-soaked fans, who laughed and cheered throughout.

Djokovic invites ball boy under his umbrella during french open 2016
Djokovic invites ball boy under his umbrella during french open 2016

Djokovic has contributed in many ways to make this world a better place as well. He is a participant in the champions for peace club. This is a club of renowned athletes committed to global peace. Djokovic is also the founder of the Novak Djokovic foundation that helps underprivileged children in his country to get better resources and education for leading healthy and productive lives.


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