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“I know Pretty much what’s Going on,” – Sainz Jr

“I know Pretty much what’s Going on,” – Sainz Jr

Renault driver Carlos Sainz Jr has confessed that he cannot commit to any team for 2019. The Spaniard cited Daniel Ricciardo’s contract situation at Red Bull as the reason.

Although there have been several reports stating that Ricciardo will likely re-sign with Red Bull, a new deal has yet to be formally announced.

As a result, Sainz cannot move ahead with any plans for his future. It also means that a step up to Red Bull next season is out of the picture.

“I know pretty much what’s going on,” he said. “What I know as a matter of fact is that until Red Bull and Ricciardo don’t take a decision and don’t do an announcement my future is still uncertain as I still need to be available for Red Bull. Until that thing clears it’s impossible to say something and when that thing clears I will be the first one to start talking about it.”

Sainz Jr
Carlos Sainz Jr

The Spaniard currently races for the Renault works team and has links to McLaren. He even admitted interest in partnering compatriot Fernando Alonso.

But he affirms that his top priority is finding a comfortable place for the future. Sainz Jr confirmed that he has already spoken to Red Bull regarding a two-year deal.

He stated that his primary objective is to monitor the Red Bull and Ricciardo situation. Following that, he and his management team will surely find the solution.

But for the time being, he will be focusing on this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. The Hungaroring is a high-downforce circuit with more emphasis on aerodynamics than speed.

That being said, it it will likely benefit the Renault-powered teams, particularly Red Bull. So, who will triumph in the final race before the summer break? Will it be Red Bull? Ferrari? or does Mercedes have a trick up their sleeve?

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