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Kohli not impressed by Smith’s ‘Brain Fade’ .

Kohli not impressed by Smith’s ‘Brain Fade’ .

Kohli was very unhappy with Smith’s conduct

The Indian cricket team registered a convincing victory over Australia in the second test at Bangalore. But the real story was what happened in the middle of the match, Australian skipper Steve Smith was dismissed by Umesh Yadav for 28 runs. But instead of walking back to the pavilion, Smith turned to look towards the dressing room as if he was asking for their help.

Kohli and the umpires had noticed that all the Australian players had been doing it for the past 3 days. The Indian skipper brought it to the notice of the umpires earlier and Nigel Llong caught Smith seeking help from the dressing room. Smith first looked at batting partner Peter Handscomb and then at the pavilion. The 27-year old later admitted that it was a ‘brain fade’ on his part. Kohli on the other hand worded it far more strongly, he said that something that had been going on for the past three days cannot be classified as a ‘brain fade’.

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“I saw that two times happening when I was batting out there. I pointed it out to the umpire as well, that it has happened twice, that I’ve seen their players looking upstairs for confirmation, and that’s why the umpire was at him. When he turned back, the umpire knew exactly what was going on, because we observed that, we told match referee also, and the umpires, that they’ve been doing that for the last three days and this has to stop, because there’s a line that you don’t cross on the cricket field.

“Sledging and playing against the opponents is different, but… I don’t want to mention the word, but it falls in that bracket. I would never do something like that on the cricket field.”Some media persons suggested that Virat was about to use the word ‘cheating’, but he was quick to dismiss the claim. He said “I did not use that word, you did”
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