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Kohli’s opinion on new India Head Coach

Kohli’s opinion on new India Head Coach

The issue of finding the new head coach still remains the biggest headache for India after the 3rd West Indies ODI. Kumble’s resignation just before the tour brought a considerable amount of confusion in the whole camp though we have not seen it affect the performance of the players. BCCI’s move of inviting applications for the head coach before the Champions Trophy was some signal of the tension in the dressing room. Apparently, the coach-captain relation in the Indian side had turned untenable which resulted in Kumble resigning before the end of his tenure.

On Friday Kohli speaking in a pre-match conference before the 3rd ODI said, “From a personal point of view, I can’t pinpoint anything or give any details. We as a team only voice our opinion when asked by the BCCI. This is a process we always go through and something we respect as a team. It’s something that is asked for the team and not in segregation. The same procedure, as and when it takes place, we will give our suggestions to the BCCI,”

Kohli chooses to be diplomatic about the topic and said that the process of selection is not what the team is responsible with. He further reassured that the absence of the coach is not something can hold as an excuse for a series and their first motive on the tour is to triumph in it.

“Right now, we have series at hand and this is what we are focused on. The process is taking place and that is something which is in the control of BCCI. We are not focused on anything else at the moment. Our priority is coming here and winning the series and preparing for the game that lies ahead of us,” the India skipper said.

BCCI has extended the deadline for the application for the post to July 9 i.e. the last day of the West Indies tour. However, they already have received a plentiful number of applications from the likes of Virender Sehwag, Dodda Ganesh, Richard Pybus, Lalchand Rajput, Tom Moody and the final applicant Ravi Shastri. The procedure for choosing the coach will be as rigorous as last year when Kumble was chosen over Shastri but BCCI would try and finish it before the Sri Lanka tour to give him enough time to settle in with the team.

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