Kubica warns Ocon over potential Williams move

Robert Kubica has joked that Esteban Ocon should not push for a Williams seat in 2019 as the team suffers one of its worst periods in F1 history.

Ocon could be left hanging without an F1 seat next year as Lawrence Stroll’s take-over of Force India means that his son, Lance, will be moving to the team as well. That could open up a potential vacancy at Williams.

“If I was him, I would not be pushing too much for it. But I just do my own thing,” joked Kubica.

Kubica was skeptical of the Williams car.

The fan favourite Pole returned to the F1 paddock for the first time since 2011, albeit in a testing role for Williams. It has not been the best of times for him as the car development has been extremely poor, as they lie below even Sauber in the constructors’ standings.

He slammed the team earlier for the very same reason. Kubica denied the fact that he took the role only to drive in F1 eventually. “No. What I was trying to do was drive a Formula 1 car. Currently the regulations are not favourable because there is almost no testing,” he said.

“So my priority was to sit behind the wheel, but of course by signing a contract you have to be professional and in case something happens get in the car and do your job.”

The Stroll move to Force India is rumoured to happen as early as this season, in which case Kubica is expected to take over the reins for the rest of the season. However, he remained pessimistic about it.

“The fact that I could get into the car does not automatically mean that I will be able to do all the races. On the one hand it would be the accomplishment of a dream, but on the other it may not have the happy end that I want,” said Kubica.

Kubica tests the Williams

Kubica was in the running for a seat at Williams before they confirmed Sirotkin but the Stroll take-over has created yet another chance for fans to see him return to the F1 grid.

However, going by his latest comments, that does not look possible as Williams are said to be on the lookout for a younger driver, which has been their policy for the past few years.

We might still see Kubica on track sometime this season if and when Stroll moves to Force India.

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Rahul Venkat