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Kyrie Irving Hits back at Chants of “Kyrie Irving Sucks” during the Celtics vs Nets Game

Kyrie Irving Hits back at Chants of “Kyrie Irving Sucks” during the Celtics vs Nets Game

Posters showing Kyrie Irving as a coward and chants of “Kyrie Irving sucks” filled the TD Garden on Wednesday during the game between Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets.

It was the first meeting between the teams since the Celtics had to trade their star point guard. But Irving, like a few times in the past, was not in the court to face his old team.

Whatever the reason for it might be, the crowd certainly let their feelings known.

Kyrie immediately took to Instagram to let people know that life is much bigger than any individual sport or entertainment.

“It happens all the time and tonight it just shows how sports/entertainment will always be ignorant and obtrusive,” a part of an Instagram story posted from Kyrie Irving’s account read. “It’s one big show that means very very little in the real world that most people live in because there are actually things that matter going on with it.”

Kyrie, the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, played for the Cleveland Caveliers till 2017. He then requested for a trade and moved to Boston. He did not seem to be satisfied at Boston and two seasons later, he once again requested for a trade.

In September, he had said he wanted to re-sign with the Celtics, but his home life “has way higher precedence than the organization or anyone and I barely got a chance to talk to my grandfather before he passed, from playing basketball.”

On Wednesday, fans did not refrain themselves from showing their feelings towards Irving. The Celtics and Nets play once again on Thursday, but the six time All Star will not feature owing to a shoulder injury.

Prior to the Wednesday’s game, former NBA player turned ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins had accused Irving of deliberately missing the games against his former teams.

Whatever the reason for his absence might be, the crowd jeered, not at the man’s presence, but at his absence.

Kyrie ended his letter on Instagram by saying, “This game isn’t meant to be controlled and shown as Drama, it’s meant to show Love. The love for the art is the only damn thing that keeps the pursuit people in this Giant sports/entertainment circus. Don’t fall for the game that’s played in front of you as entertainment, it’ll be never be as  serious as dealing with Life.”

Kyrie Irving's Instagram story
Kyrie Irving’s Instagram story

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