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Lack Of Money Forced Brendan Taylor To Retire

Lack Of Money Forced Brendan Taylor To Retire

Zimbabwe’s retired cricketer Brendan Taylor has admitted that the lack of financial security was the reason behind his decision to quit international cricket after the World Cup.

Taylor amassed an impressive 433 runs, including two centuries, to finish fourth on the tournament’s run-scorers list before moving to England for a three-year county stint with Nottinghamshire. Taylor said that it is every international player’s dream to put on their country’s shirt, and that is why they play the sport.

The former Zimbabwe captain, Taylor, also said that although it was not an easy decision, every player would be lying if they say they are not trying to maximise on potential earnings. The right-handed batsman, who stayed on during his country’s tumultuous cricket period over the past few years, and reportedly received just 250 dollars for his World Cup campaign with Zimbabwe.

It is no surprise that Zimbabwe hasn’t enjoyed the most prosperous times financially in the cricket arena. Such happenings are inevitable because of their unfortunate predicament.


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