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Lakers Provide an Update on DeMarcus Cousins Over his Domestic Violence Allegations

Lakers Provide an Update on DeMarcus Cousins Over his Domestic Violence Allegations

DeMarcus Cousins

The immediate future of Los Angeles Lakers centre DeMarcus Cousins is still unclear with the National Basketball Association (NBA) still carrying out investigation on him over the allegations of domestic violence on him, and Cousins still recovering from the injury in his left leg.

On what was the Lakers media day on Friday, it was reported that the club will allow NBA to carry out the investigation before coming out with any decision themselves.

“I think the most important thing to say is the Lakers as an organization take allegations of domestic violence extremely seriously. That said, when allegations are made for any NBA player, the league takes over and handles that investigation,” Pelinka was quoted as saying.

“We’re going to abide by the league’s lead on this as that’s being investigated, and because it’s a legal matter, we can’t really speak any further about that right now. He’s a member of our roster and a part of the team, and we’ll just have to wait for guidance from the league on next steps.”

It was regarding the arrest warrant that was issued on Cousins last month, when he was alleged to threaten his former girlfriend.

Cousins’s season was already in danger even before the arrest warrant when anotheer major injury in his left knee was confirmed after a collision during training. After signing for the Lakers for one-year in a $3.5 million deal, the 28-year now might not feature for the team at all, given his problems on and off the field.

Cousin’s injury was also addressed on the media day by teammate Anthony Davis, in what was his first with the club. He said he ”was shocked, just knowing that he worked so hard to try to get back from his quad and his Achilles. He hasn’t really had the opportunity to be the old DeMarcus, and he wanted this to be the year, and then the ACL happened. He’s in good spirits. He’s just happy to be here and still be around the team, and we support him all the way through.”

With the Lakers going into the season with strong expectations, it will be interesting to see when the 28-year old will return, if he is ever to play for the Lakers in the upcoming season.

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