Lando Norris, Alex Albon and George Russell Fight it Out for the Rookie of the Year in a Hilarious Video

December 12, 2019 2:40 pm

When the 2019 Formula One season kicked off, there were a few new faces on the F1 grid. They were, McLaren driver Lando Norris, Toro Rosso/Red Bull driver Alexander Albon, and Williams driver George Russell.

While the three were not in cars that could challenge for wins or titles, there was a personal battle between them. To be precise, they are concerned with being rookie of the year.

Being three young drivers with incredible senses of humour, the banter between them was guaranteed to be hilarious. So, in a recent video, all three rookies were trying to convince each other why they deserve to be Rookie of the Year.

Russell kicked off the proceedings, with one of his favourite things, a Powerpoint Presentation. However, the other two drivers proceeded to try and roast him, especially when he brought up aspects like ‘Most Consistent Qualifying Position’, ‘Comparison with Teammates’ and ‘Most Positions Gained in Opening Laps’. Finally, Russell threw in another stat in his favour, where he won the F2 championship.

Then it was Alex Albon’s turn, and instead of a presentation, he opted for a different approach, a poem. His first target to roast was Lando Norris, and he recited, “We came from F2, but didn’t have a clue, but when you’re off the pace and leave too much space like how you did at that Suzuka race. Just know that I’ll spank you in the ass.”

He then roasted Russell, who often liked to flex his muscles, and he mocked him for not being able to score a point in 2019. As a parting note, when referring to himself, he dubbed himself the ‘Asian Tom Cruise‘.

Finally, Lando Norris took a different path to his fellow rookies and chose to express himself in a video format. He highlighted his overtakes, ‘respect towards other drivers’ and his fashion sense.

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