Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jr Engage in Banter Yet Again

Lando Norris without banter would be like Lewis Hamilton without a race-winning car. The two are practically inseparable and the F1 world loves him for it, and Carlos Sainz Jr is just as hilarious. So, when the McLaren team posted a GIF of Norris and Sainz running side-by-side, pushing and shoving, they captioned it, “Racing for the last available sun lounger like…”

Sainz Jr retweeted the GIF and argued that he had the inside line into the corner, so the position was his. Norris shot back, involving the FIA and even citing Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s infamous incident in Austria.

In reply, Sainz declared that the FIA should just “Let them race”, and Lando Norris could not help agreeing. It is quite clear that the drivers are bored with no racing until September and have to amuse themselves somehow.

This season, McLaren have improved by leaps and bounds and they are slowly and surely emerging as the best of the rest.

Published by
Dhruv George