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Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso Engage in Friendly Banter

Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso Engage in Friendly Banter

A couple of months ago, social media was abuzz when Fernando Alonso returned to McLaren, although temporarily. Then, an image surfaced of regular driver, Lando Norris serving coffee to Alonso, and then the internet exploded.

Now, Fernando Alonso decided to engage in friendly banter with Norris on Instagram. Recently, McLaren Automotive gifted Norris with a new car and he expressed his gratitude. Fernando Alonso also sent in his congratulations to the young Briton for the new car.

But then, Norris suddenly jumped into trolling mode and fired a quick salvo at the Spaniard.

Fernando Alonso

The 19-year old harked back to the scene where he served coffee to Alonso. He quipped that ‘He had been making a lot of coffees’. It was also a sly dig at stereotypes of newcomers going for coffee runs for the more experienced employees.

The McLaren team had a reasonably solid run during the Azerbaijan GP earlier this weekend. Both cars ended up in the points and they vaulted into 4th in the championship

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