Lando Norris and George Russell Reveal New Helmets for 1000th F1 Race

Lando Norris

Ahead of the 100th Formula One race in China, McLaren driver Lando Norris and Williams driver George Russell unveiled new helmets for the weekend. Norris’ helmet sported his name emblazoned in Chinese, which was quite fitting, given the location of the race this weekend.

Lando Norris gives a sneak peek at his helmet

Meanwhile, Williams driver George Russell’s new lid bore a resemblance to the helmet of a certain Juan Pablo Montoya. The Colombian sported the same colours during his Formula One days. Coincidentally, Montoya is a former Williams F1 driver himself and has been quite successful inspite of not winning any title.

As expected, the jokes and memes came flooding in and Mercedes were one of the first to poke fun.

For now, Lando Norris and George Russell are looking forward to the Chinese GP and will be hoping for a good result.