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Lando Norris and his Race Engineer share an emotional farewell

Lando Norris and his Race Engineer share an emotional farewell

Lando Norris and his race engineer shared an emotional farewell at the final race of the 2019 season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lando’s race engineer Andrew Jarvis was managing Lando for the last race weekend of his career. At the conclusion of the season finale race, both driver and engineer teared up.

As Lando headed back to the pits, he thanked Jarvis for the efforts he put in with the rookie this year. An emotional Jarvis choked with his response. Not able to muster words, he could only describe Lando as an ‘Absolute Legend’ and was proud of Lando’s performance this year.

After which, an ecstatic Lando Norris squeals: “ARE YOU CRYING?” before choking up himself and saying “I think I’m crying”.

Before the race weekend, Lando Norris surprised Jarvis. The McLaren rookie, had an image of Jarvis on the back of his race helmet, much to the latter’s shock and delight. According to Lando, it’s the ‘best picture’ he could find. The tribute did not end. The helmet would belong to Jarvis after the race weekend. A thank you gift from a talented rookie.

“Are you Serious” – That was Jarvis’ reaction on learning he would have the helmet post-race.

Their ups and downs

Lando Norris and Jarvis did have their ups and downs moment. During the Italian Grand Prix, when receiving information from his engineer, Lando snapped back with an explicit tirade at his engineer. No doubt they would have quickly cleared the air out between them after the race.

Without any question, the two struck up a good partnership which can be seen by their final team radio message. In the end, Jarvis can feel he did a great job with a talented prospect for McLaren.

Lando Norris had a successful debut season for McLaren. The rookie finished with 49 points and 11th in the world championship. He helped McLaren to 145 points, their best points tally since 2014.

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