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Lando Norris and Race Engineer Engage in Hilarious Banter in Abu Dhabi

Lando Norris and Race Engineer Engage in Hilarious Banter in Abu Dhabi

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, McLaren driver Lando Norris and his engineer Andrew Jarvis were entering their last race together. This was because, from 2020 onwards, Jarvis wold not be managing the young Briton anymore.

So, as a last hurrah, both people decided to engage in hilarious banter before the race began. The humour used was fairly ‘crude’ and would be best understood for its innuendos.

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Oh no meeee shoooooeeeesss

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Jarvis informed Lando Norris that Daniil Kvyat and the Williams F1 duo were running hard tyres. However, the rest of the pack had strapped on medium tyres, with Norris and Antonio Giovinazzi electing to run soft tyres.

Following that, the 20-year old quipped back, “Thank you for that very precise information Jarv”

Jarvis himself had just joined Instagram and already, he has attracted thousands of followers.

Now, Lando Norris is currently participating in post-season testing at the Yas Marina Circuit. The Briton admitted that he was experimenting with different driving styles during the session.

He said, “It’s a Pirelli test so obviously we’ve been trying out lots of tyres today, 2019 and 2020 compounds, and conducting back-to-back comparisons.”

“Short performance runs but also long runs without changing anything on the car so that tyres can be compared.”

“But it was also a good day for me to explore different driving styles and techniques.”

“Overall, it’s been a productive day with good mileage achieved and with both the team and I learning a lot.”

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