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Lando Norris Continues His Ruthless Trolling of Russell and His Williams in the 2020 F1 Season

Lando Norris Continues His Ruthless Trolling of Russell and His Williams in the 2020 F1 Season

Lando Norris

The Williams F1 team have developed a reputation for being one of the slowest F1 teams in recent years. The Grove-based team was arguably one of the worst teams on the grid. However, they claimed to have improved a lot for this year. Unfortunately for them, it still has not stopped the onslaught of jokes and trolling from the fans, and even Lando Norris.

Recently during pre-season testing, F1 held a press conference, with Lando Norris, George Russell, Alexander Albon and Kimi Raikkonen. Norris took an opportunity to take a swing at Williams F1 driver, Russell. Surprisingly, even Russell went along with it and indulged in self-deprecating humour.

How did the test go for Williams F1 and Lando Norris?

The good news is that the Williams F1 team managed to get a car out in time for testing, unlike last year. According to Russell, the  car is definitely behaving a lot better.

There was visible progress, especially when Russell’s lap time was 0.9 seconds quicker compared to the 2019 Spanish GP. He also clocked in 73 laps and finishd sixth fastest of the 10 drivers at lunchtime.

He told the media during the break, “A nice car to drive is a fast car. It doesn’t matter how you get around the lap as long as its fast. That’s all that counts. It’s been improving in that area and now we just need to see if we have managed to smash enough downforce onto the car to compete with those around us.”

The British youngster also noted that the car was an improved version of last year’s model. Better quality parts were added to the FW43 and they all fit properly.

“I think everyone’s just pleased to be in this position. Everybody was a bit lost last year because there was no work to do because there was no car here,” he concluded.

However, Lando Norris has yet to go out and sample the McLaren MCL35. This is because Carlos Sainz had the car all to himself for the opening day.

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