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Lando Norris Enjoys Some Beats Ahead of French Grand Prix

Lando Norris Enjoys Some Beats Ahead of French Grand Prix

Lando Norris

McLaren driver Lando Norris has quickly become a firm favourite among the Formula 1 fans. The young British rookie is well-known for being entertaining, both on and off the circuit. Off the circuit, he has become the unofficial Formula One meme lord and jokester. However, on track, he is quite aggressive and has the ability to wow the fans with his driving.

However, ahead of the French Grand Prix at the Circuit Paul Ricard, he unleashed his inner child while on the grid. As the drivers were all waiting for the five red lights to go out, there was background music being played. Admittedly, Lando Norris could not resist enjoying the good music and started bobbing his head in time. It became even more apparent when the beat dropped and he was really into it.

Lando Norris is undoubtedly a popular driver and uses his social media to its maximum effect. Interestingly, he is not above trolling other driver and even a few journalists. HeĀ  was even able to poke fun at himself, case in point the Canadian GP when a broken suspension ended his race.

Just making him much more relatable, Norris is quite fond of gaming and in the words of teammate Carlos Sainz Jr, “Just to let you all know. Lando is a Boss at FIFA and since I’ve known him, I class him as my idol”.

However, given his off-track activities, he does not let it distract him from his driving. The fact that he had to suffer a hydraulics issue, made his stellar drive all the more exciting. In the end, he managed to rescue a few well-deserved points, making it a double points finish for McLaren. For him, that race was all about attrition and surviving to see the chequered flag wave for him in France.

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