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Lando Norris Gives NBA Star Jimmy Butler the Ride of his Life

Lando Norris Gives NBA Star Jimmy Butler the Ride of his Life

Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler is a highly renowned NBA star and has accumulated over $100 million in career earnings. Butler attended the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal last week as the VIP guest of honour. The Texas-born player was treated to a ride alongside McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris.

That was when things went horribly wrong from Butler’s perspective, while Lando Norris had a blast. The 19-year old is in his first season in F1, and had a great time tormenting Butler as he sped around the track with the latter ready to wet himself.

“Yo, please don’t go that fast. You don’t got to go that fast,” Butler pleaded with his hands folded in a praying motion. As the McLaren roared towards the first corner Butler was begging Lando Norris to “relax”.

“Hey, woah woah, relax … you’re going too fast!” he squealed.

Meanwhile, Lando Norris morphed from an amiable driver and meme lord, to a demon from Tartarus. He threw the car around the first few corners laughing almost maniacally as the basketball star looked terrified.

“Oh, no no no no. Oh my gosh,” he shrieked.

Despite Norris proclaiming he was “only going slowly” the McLaren flew back up to top speed as they made their way out of turn four and Butler couldn’t take it anymore.

“My stomach is going to fall out my ass,” he said.

The only bit of the entire lap Butler seemed to enjoy was the slow nature of turn 10, but the joy only lasted a microsecond as Norris put his foot down coming out of L’Epingle and gunned it down the straight.

“You got to let me out,” Butler said.

“This is the fastest bit, it’s the best bit,” Norris responded.

“Well, we need to go slow. Ok, yeah, we’re straight I’m cool when we’re going straight. When you start doing all of this here you lost me,” Butler said.

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