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Lando Norris Has Life Size Posters of Alex Albon Hung in his Bathroom

Lando Norris Has Life Size Posters of Alex Albon Hung in his Bathroom

Recently, in an interview with Ziggo Sport, Alex Albon was asked about Lando Norris‘ admiration for him. In fact, Norris even has a life-size poster of him in his bedroom as he is an inspiration for the McLaren rookie.

The Anglo-Thai driver confessed that the fact that a fellow rival has a poster of him makes him feel old. He also admitted that it felt cool, but a bit weird at the same time.

Alex Albon continued, “He told me he would send it back to me, because its life-size. Its 1:1”. The Red Bull driver also revealed that it was a cutout from when he was 11 years old.

Back in Suzuka, the two were involved in a titanic battle, which culminated in Norris getting forced off the track. However, he does not hold it against Albon and was glad that he was not penalised.

Norris said, “In my eyes there was no contact. He made a decent move, must’ve been from quite a long way back.”

“My brakes were overheating completely because of the debris, which meant that I locked up the front right completely. He then sent it from a long way back. Fair play to him anyway.”


“It was a bit of a risk from him because he would’ve got past sooner or later, he was much quicker. But I guess that’s racing. He didn’t get a penalty, did he? Good.”

He added: “I saw him freaking late, to be honest. I started to turn in, I think I was on the brakes but they just weren’t slowing down properly. But he must of committed before, and I was almost getting to the apex, at which point I saw him.”

“I don’t know, I’ll look at my onboard, but as soon as you see me start to turn left, was pretty much the point I saw him. It quite easily could’ve turned into something a lot worse.”

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