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Lando Norris Helps Teach the Alphabet in a Hilarious Manner

Lando Norris Helps Teach the Alphabet in a Hilarious Manner

McLaren driver Lando Norris is a laugh riot, whether on-track, off it, or on social media. Recently, he tweeted a video where he was teaching the English alphabet, albeit in his own unique manner.

From being delighted to be on TV, to hilarious radio messages, to references to body parts, it had it all. He even included calling out his teammate on Twitch, squealing with delight at driving a supercar and and raging on Twitch.

The next letter, G, was a reference to when he beached a McLaren supercar in the gravel. He cheekily quipped that they needed the closest McLaren service centre. H, showed a clip of him popping up in front of the camera to say hello.

The letter ‘I’ saw him frantically scream out the the car was broken in Belgium. Next up, he was seen struggling with basic Spanish, while Carlos Sainz gave a bewildered look as if to say, “What am I going to do with this guy”.

A couple of letters later, there was the letter M, which could only mean one thing, his favourite beverage, milk. The letter N was a reference to when Lando Norris accidentally bought a baby bottle, complete with a nipple end.

‘O’ and ‘P’, were clips of him on Twitch, with the second letter of him playing PUBG with Max Verstappen. Other gems included opening up on his ‘relationship’ with teammate Carlos Sainz and what he dubbed, the ‘sarcastic thumbs up’.

The letter V was his declaration that he was MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi’s biggest fan. On the penultimate letter, ‘Y’, he referenced another radio gem, when the team asked him to hold up the Renaults. This led to the bewildered Briton asked, “You mean like, forever?”

The final letter showed a clip of him catch forty winks while sitting on the pit wall.

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