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Lando Norris is Still Proud of the Fact that he Scored a McLaren Formula One Seat

Lando Norris is Still Proud of the Fact that he Scored a McLaren Formula One Seat

For the average racer, the ultimate dream is reaching Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport. For Lando Norris, he got the bonus deal, not only did he reach Formula One, he also bagged a seat in McLaren, which is arguably one of the biggest and most historic teams. Now, he is enjoying a great season, where McLaren is slowly and surely reviving itself to its former glory.

Lando Norris recently posted on Twitter saying, “If I could go back and tell this guy it’s already been a year since he was announced as a McLaren F1 driver, he wouldn’t believe me. Dream still coming true. Thanks for all the tweets, memes and support”

At the recently concluded Belgian Grand Prix, Norris took advantage of Max Verstappen taking himself out. As a result, he was running in 5th as the best of the rest and was technically, the race leader of Formula 1.5. Unfortunately, on the final lap, the car simply gave up and the distraught driver could only watch helpless as his car trundled across the line.

In spite of the heart-break, Lando Norris still managed to win the Driver of the Day award.

“I was on for my best result,” lamented Norris to Sky F1. “As a team, it was our joint best result from what Carlos [Sainz] has achieved.”

“Things were looking so good and looking up I guess, because for a while I haven’t had a great result for myself.”

“Whatever was giving me power, stopped giving me power,” joked the McLaren rookie.

“So I came on the radio but then when I came onto the last chicane and it just got worse and worse. The guys were looking at it, but there was nothing we could do, nothing the team could do. It was just a failure when we started the final lap.”

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