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Lando Norris Leaks Mclaren F1’s 2020 Launch Date

Lando Norris Leaks Mclaren F1’s 2020 Launch Date

Evidently, Lando Norris cannot be trusted to keep a secret, or he was secretly replaced by actor Tom Holland. Earlier on Monday, Norris was expected to take over the McLaren social media accounts and give the fans a tour of the Mclaren Technology Centre (MTC).

Unfortunately for McLaren, he did more than that and accidentally let slip that McLaren’s 2020 Formula 1 car, the MCL35, will be revealed on February 13.

During a livestream on the team’s YouTube channel, Norris happened to stumble upon a meeting with his colleagues. He then accidentally told thousands of viewers when their new challenger will emerge from its covers at their Woking headquarters.

“I heard it was on the 13th of February… Zak told me it was on the 13th!” said Norris in the livestream. Luckily, or unluckily, the slip up was quickly  before the camera was swiftly turned off.

Later on, the team attempted to play it off as if they were planning to reveal the date of the 2020 launch. If this slip up is to be believed, then McLaren will be the third team to reveal their car’s launch date.

The event will come a day before AlphaTauri (formerly Toro Rosso) launch their new 2020 machine. The Italian team set a Valentine’s Day date for the launch of their new challenger. Meanwhile, Scuderia Ferrari will draw first blood, having scheduled their unveil for February 11 at Maranello in Italy.

However, there has been no word from any of the other F1 teams, but announcements should be expected soon.

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