Fernando Alonso

Following the Bahrain GP 2019, there was an in-season test which all the teams participated in. All of the regular drivers took part as well, including a few new faces and some familiar ones. Among the high-profile names were Mick Schumacher and Fernando Alonso. Schumacher was testing the Ferrari, the first time in 13 years that the two names have been reunited. He later tested for Alfa Romeo the next day.

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso is back with McLaren, temporarily at least, as he tries out the car for the first time, When Alonso was out on track, McLaren’s regular driver, Lando Norris was on pit crew duty.

Norris posted a picture on Twitter of himself servicing Alonso’s car with the caption that he was on the front jack and Alonso had a long stint. Finally, he added the hashtag, “He wants the seat back”.