Lando Norris Pokes Fun at his Canadian GP Retirement

June 19, 2019 8:11 pm

McLaren driver Lando Norris endured a wretched day in the office in Canada 2019 after a seemingly good race. The youngster was fighting for points when disaster struck and he was forced to retire from the race.

However, he dealt with the bitter blow of defeat in the only way that he knew, by making it into a meme. That day, what happened to him was quite strange, as his suspension inexplicably broke.

Initially, many surmised that he had possibly hit the infamous Wall of Champions, though that theory was later disproved. The truth of the matter was that his brakes overheated, to the point where it literally burned through the right rear suspension.

Oddly enough, long after he retired from the race, the stricken McLaren remained on the sidelines near the pit lane exit. Responding to his hilarious meme, the French Grand Prix twitter handle asked:

The British rookie had a quick reply where he divulged the secret to his stamina.

Lando Norris is so well-known for his memes after the races, that fans have dubbed him as Formula One’s ‘Meme Lord’. However, for all his clowning around on social media, he has backed it up with excellent performances.

His best ever finish was a fine 6th in Bahrain, followed by 8th in Azerbaijan. Now, the British driver and his teammate, Carlos Sainz Jr are looking forward to the French Grand Prix this weekend.

Last year, McLaren finished the French Grand Prix in 12th and 16th, with former driver, Stoffel Vandoorne 12th and Fernando Alonso in 16th after a suspension failure. Admittedly, the McLaren team are aiming for better results than that.

Carlos Sainz has raced at the Circuit Paul Ricard in 2018, finishing 8th in the process. However, this will be the first time that Lando Norris will be racing at the circuit. Regardless of the result, Lando Norris fans will be eagerly awaiting his review of the race, meme style

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